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I’m already happy for you, you are here so most likely you are about to throw some great party. Can we help?
Did you think about the theme, place, invitations, decoration, attractions, cake, catering, gifts? I know, it's a lot to think about. Let me show you a few options, just point your finger and show me what you like best. I will take care of the rest.

You want to add silver helium balloons, sure we can do that. I'm sending you more details. We are almost there, yes, everything is on time. Look, food is ready, the photographer is here, do you want a family picture before we start? Create perfect memories. Just in time, guests are arriving, talk to them, enjoy this time. It’s your party, just have fun!

What is our job about?

We make dreams come true, and this is the best job ever. We put a great deal of effort into creating a unique event, we take care of the details. We are specialised in children and family events. We plan birthdays, holy communions, Children's Day, holidays, family events. We work for individual and corporate clients.

What makes us special?




 Being proud mums

We are naturally updated in children's needs and dreams.

We know what to look for to create a castle, a princess pirate island or the world of penguins.

We like to create new games, outfits and turn ideas into reality.

Life experience

Corporate mark
The experience gained in international companies makes our work efficient and organized.

We know how important it is to keep the budget plan. 

We are focused and we react quickly. 

We are dreamers, but we keep our thoughts ordered in excel sheets.


Prediction skills

Experience, brainstorming and a little magic. We are creative and clever when you plan to play with water, think of a towel, things change and you need plan B in case of non-cooperating weather.
We predict that for your convenience.

What we do

We plan to complete event or parts of it. We come up with themed playground, themed games, demonstrations (experiments, magic).  If you would like, we can arrange an Iglo for 100 people in the middle of summer, prepare a foam party in the garden or invite a Mermaid for a pool party. Unleash your imagination. 

To know more about our team visit about us page, or just contact us and let's work on your party together.